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Paris Texas Murals! And Photoshoot Worthy Attractions

So earlier this month I #partnered with Paris Texas to come and stay at their loft in the historic downtown. It was absolutely beautiful and freaking magical experience to go and stay at. Felt like something out of a studio Ghibli movie. (anime fans where you at!)

I will be taking you on a tour of some of my favorite spots, murals, and attractions to take photos at in Paris Texas. As always guys make sure to visit and follow these guys on instagram! I love the big city but when it comes to towns like these they are absolutely beautiful! Go experience @visitparistexas

For your convenience I have provided a map (that was provided to me lol) of where to find some of these places!

Paris Texas Eiffel Tower

Lets start off with the main attraction am I right? So most of these spots to go and take photos are smack dab in the Paris Texas Historic downtown. Now the Eiffel tower you to have to drive to and it is totally worth it! See it in the morning, or visit it at night when it lights up! With its red cowboy hat it certainly adds that texan flair.

Paris Texas Mural

Let's start off with the actual Paris Texas Mural. It is a must see and a have to whenever you go there! Become the I in Paris Texas. Plus it matches my blue outfit!

Dr.Pepper Loves Paris

For the next Mural..... Is the Dr.Pepper Loves Paris Mural. You can locate this mural on the historic 37 Clarksville street, check them out on instagram! Absolutely beautiful vintage mural that takes you back in time. To all my alternative babies bring your graphic tees and docs to this retro location! Make sure to tag these guys on you photos and of course #drpepperlovesparis

Drink Coca Cola

There are other soda murals other than Dr Pepper in Paris! This one is one block west of the Plaza in downtown Paris. It brings all those grungy vibes for my grungy babes! Now I get this all the time... how do you pose for your pictures Michelle? I actually move around a ton when shooting I love pictures with a ton of movement in them. So strike a pose maybe put some music on and dance around till you get the perfect shot!

Culbertson Fountain

In the center of the Plaza is the Historic Culbertson Fountain on the Plaza first installed in 1927.

It is absolutely a beautiful spot to enjoy a nice romantic evening, or if your me take over and do a fountain photoshoot. And nothing beats that beautiful blue sky!

Farmers Market

Now the farmers market is filled with everything from sauces, too sweet treats, arts and crafts, and more. Make sure to visit these guys located on West Austin street, and take a picture on the fruit they have laying out in front! Open on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

Cotton Exchange

This mural can be found on South Main street, right beside the farmers market:) Now the farmers market has a ton of goodies and treats so its located within perfect distance for an after-shoot snack. With is colorful historic aesthetic this mural is absolutely beautiful.

Hodges Insurance and Sky Chief

As funny as this may sound.... This is my favorite mural in Paris. It might have been the pose and the way the photo was taken but I love the post card stamp feel of this mural. And the colors that bounce off the building are absolutely beautiful.

Secrest Tv

Located on Se 1st street is this green television ad like mural. It has an arrow pointing to the side so it made sense to position myself there lol.

South Main Iron

Now South Main Iron I actually didn't get to go inside and experience it at its full beauty. The place is absolutely amazing. It is also home to the largest Paris Texas movie poster! The building has been preserved historically from photos I have seen with a modern edge given to it. If this is your scene make sure to check these guys out!

Paris Water Tower

Now on my way back home i bumped into the Paris Texas water tower it is right next to a church I believe, in between Clarksville street and Lamar avenue. A great lace to take some last minute shots as a souvenir.

The Grand Theatre

Opened September 23, 1937 showing “Toast of New York “. It lights up at night and I am one for the theatrical .... "I just had to take a shot under the night sky with the city lights beaming down on me".... (clears throat) maintaining composure. The Paris Texas downtown at night is in fact beautiful everything is lit up and so bright it absolutely takes you back in time.

Abandoned Granary

With the vines coming out and falling over this place it is a bit enchanting. One of my favorite spots and is found near an abandoned railroad as well. Can't help but fall in love with this place..

If you haven't make sure to check out my vlog on Instagram, and follow me for more wanderlust adventures!. If you are looking to visit Paris Texas check into Suite 129 . One of the best places to stay and has so much history incorporated in it.

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